Welcome to Johnny Case Music

Submitted by johnnycase on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 11:27am

Welcome to Johnny Case Music, beautifully designed and realized by Jen Schultes. Her imaginative approach and website implementation expertise should be obvious to anyone who explores the numerous features of this site.

I requested that a blog be included which will serve multiple purposes. I am most eager to pay homage to some of the remarkable musicians I have known during my 52 years in the music profession. Many are gone, but the impact of their music is a permanent part of me, and a vital influence in the music I play.

I love all the arts. I have consistently found that the artists who inspire my accolades are quite often not the well-known names. This strangely (or perhaps not strangely) applies to the various realms…music, drama, painting, poetry and literature. I will no doubt use my blog to speak of many such individuals. They are my inspirators.

Kitty and I chose the new website name in acknowledgement of my varied musical interests, although modern jazz is my most treasured creative mode. Please feel free to contact me on this site.